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Outbound Team Building Training


Objective :To Create a High Performance Team where people’s hearts are in their work.

Program Overview

Every organization realizes the need of high performance team. Yet, most organizations fail to build this high performance team. Based on our extensive research and practices for years, one of the common problems in facing these organizations is that their people are lack of common goal. Furthermore, we at Outbound Team Building start the Excel Team Program (Team Building Program) by attacking the most fundamental problem in most organizations in achieving high performance team: common goal.

Thus, the excel team circle starts with building of common goal shared among the team members. While directing the team toward common goal, at The Excel Team Program (Team Building Program), we foster the team members on how to be part of high performance team. We assist our participants on developing individual soft skills such as leadership and communication. While at the same time, we also encourage participants to define role within the team, accept role and be responsible in achieving the team goal.

Furthermore, in forging participants to be high performance team, we at Outbound Team Building focus on the following subjects:

  1. Goal setting & conditioning.

  2. Ice breaking & in group feeling.

  3. Mutual trust & confidence.

  4. Team communication.

  5. Team management.

  6. Problem solving.

  7. Teamwork & Motivation.

  8. Team dynamics.

  9. Reflection & feedback system.

  10. Synergy.

  11. The Excel Commitment & Action Plan.

The Participants

Minimum 15 persons per batch for all management level/across management level, or across department/division.

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