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Outbound Team Building the outbound training company, aims to provide tangible and sustainable positive changes in the work culture and leadership of organizations.

At OTB Consulting we believe that organizational quality is more than just efficient systems and abundant resources. Quality and success is dependent on the people within an organization who govern those systems and resources. The fact that your organization values its people is demonstrated by your commitment to training. Outbound Team Building Programs aim to facilitate personal reflection and growth through individual and collective challenge.

Every module challenges participants to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world.

Participant Organizations have gained immensely from our outbound modules. The success is a combination of many things including our commitment to independent and ongoing research, high delivery standards, reputed panel of trainers and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

We're getting better every day. We think about and work towards increasing the participating ORGANIZATIONíS PROFITABILTY.

Our style is what you would expect from our brand: provocative, high-energy, fun and having a strong bias for action!
Our client promise ? Custom solutions! Innovation, energy, and change! Top team alignment! Projects with real impact! Great leadership! High-performing Outbound Team Building and business teams! Engaged people who embrace change!
We deploy our outbound training modules from an evolving blend of talented and committed people, insightful diagnostic tools, and powerful implementation systems.

At Outbound Team Building we offer -

  • A choice of self improvement programs: We offer some of the best Corporate Training programs in the country run by skillful and well known trainers.

  • A wide choice of location: From Andaman &  Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep to cool getaways in the Northern Himalayas or and luxury Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan.

  • A range of outdoor activities:  to complement your training agenda. Run by qualified and experienced instructors who coach your personnel in adventure pursuits for which we arrange equipment of international quality and observe strict precautions to ensure the safety of the participants. You may choose a single activity or multi-activity option, combining river running, trekking, scuba diving, abseiling, wayfaring and a variety of problem-solving exercises.

Our international class trainers and adventure specialists work in complete synergy to design special workshops and courses tailored to your needs. We provide free consultation to help you choose the right blend of training courses, adventure activities and locations.


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