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The Process


Stage 1

  • Offsite Options : The organization will be given a choice of camping and offsite locations and their details.
  • Pre Training
  • People Info

Stage 2

  • Deciding the Location
  • Pre Final Draft: Of the Training Content and Structure will be drafted.
  • Logistic Requirements: Airport Pickups, Interim Travel Arrangements and other logistic needs to be identified.

Stage 3

  • Final Program Content: The final structure of the training program would be made.
  • Complete Travel Arrangements: All the required travel needs would be completed. Viz., Air tickets, Cab Transfers, Interim Travel Arrangements. Coach Transfers or Rail Transfers etc.
  • Complete Location Bookings: Logistic Arrangements at the locations would be completed.

Stage 4

  • Training: The long remembered and effective outbound program at the decided off site.

Stage 5

  • Training: Post Training


This process is most effective with strategic inputs from the HR and other departments of the organization working closely with Outbound Teambuilding for maximizing the outcomes.
Estimated Time Lines

This is an indicative time line sheet for improving the time efficiency of the respective organizations.

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