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Frequently Asked Questions about Outbound Team Building

Here are answers to the questions we are commonly asked here at Outbound Team Building.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We aim to be competitive but are unable to give costs on this web site as they vary depending upon number of people, duration, combinations of activity etc.

Q: We may be quite a large group and are concerned that some of us may end up standing around, doing nothing. What do you recommend?
A: We are experienced at working with all group sizes. We would split a large group into teams and rotate the teams through their chosen activities. Team sizes can be from 8 - 16 people - if there are two teams, they would need to rotate through two or four activities, three teams would rotate through three activities etc. Larger numbers can engage in multiple activities, so both/all teams could play this session together.

Q: We will be traveling quite a long way and may need overnight accommodation. Can you recommend anywhere?
A: We do have good working relationship with several local Hotels and we can help fix an ideal place for you. A good idea is to freeze on your budgets.

Q: Do we need to wear special clothing and shoes?
A: We recommend comfortable clothing and sport shoes for outdoor activities. In fact, we will suggest you a kit-list after you sign up.

Q: Are the activities safe?
A: Safety is the first parameter that we consider before offering new ideas. We use certified equipment and experienced instructors. We follow strict safety protocol on site.

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