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We at Outbound Team Building conceptualize and develop management development exercise, set against the backdrop of out door surroundings in the midst of nature. Simple and innocuous management games, adventure activities like rappelling, treasure hunt and group tasks bring out the best among the individuals.

Outbound Team Building aims to provide tangible and sustainable positive changes in the work culture and leadership of organizations. Outbound Team Building is in the services of Research, Development and Execution of outbound training programs and modules.

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Training Methodology

We at Outbound Teambuilding believe that people will understand better about organizational skills (such as leadership, communication, teambuilding, etc) if they are taught in action-oriented way rather than more theoretical / classroom way of teaching.


Every organization realizes the need of high performance team. Yet, most organizations fail to build this high performance team. Based on our extensive research and practices for years, one of the common problems in facing these organizations is that their people are lack of common goal. Furthermore, we at Outbound Team Building start the Excel Team Program (Team Building Program) by attacking the most fundamental problem in most organizations in achieving high performance team: common goal.

Why us

1. Experience
Our account managers are experts and have organized hundreds of corporate team building events.

2. Total Customization
Everything we do is totally customized to suit you. We adapt our events to fit your requirements, not the other way around.

The Process

Stage 1

  • Offsite Options : The organization will be given a choice of camping and offsite locations and their details.
  • Pre Training
  • People Info

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